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ELECT   C.J. Carr

            Symmes Trustee

Hello, my name is CJ Carr and I would like to take a couple of minutes of your time to introduce myself, and inform you of my views, and how I would serve the residents of Symmes township if elected.

To start off …

» I grew up and have always lived in the Symmes township / Loveland area

» I was a cub scout and boy scout and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout, I moved on to be a cub scout leader and a boy scout leader, and I continue to work with boy scouts on service projects.

» I started, and have been running a small home building, remodeling company in the area for the last 30 years.

» I received the Montgomery – Blue Ash – Symmes Township Rotary Club Entrepreneur Award in 2006.

» I am an active member and current President of the Symmes Township Historical Society.

» I have worked with numerous township trustees, administrators, and personal on issues in the township over the years, to address issues and concerns and have a good understanding of how the township works.

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    Now, what would I do if I was elected …

    # 1) Communication –The residents need to know what is going on in our township prior to it happening for example Zoning changes, and annexations. The trustees say they are doing all they can “ Facebook, township website, and contacting homeowner associations, newsletter”. This is not working. Additional measures need to be taken to allow residents to be aware of issues, and activities. The township website is very hard to use, confusing, and not user-friendly. Letters to affected residents may be a better way to communicate, or even personal visits from trustees or township staff to discuss issues.

    #2) I will work FOR THE RESIDENTS of Symmes Township. The current Trustees seem to vote in their best interests. When the Property maintenance code was in the works, trustees tried to throw all the cases to housing court so they would not be bothered by the complaints. Residents need to be informed when changes are happening in their neighborhoods. Trustees should do everything possible to inform affected residents to give residents time to research, make decisions, and be able to speak on the issues before they happen. Currently, most things are found out by residents long after issues have been decided or it is too late to comment on.

    #3) Run township business like a business. Too many meetings are run “out of control”. People raising their voices, talking over each other, pointing fingers, and passing blame on each other. There needs to be order in meetings to conduct business. In numerous meetings, the trustees have seemed “lost” on issues being talked about. Part of this seems to be that they do not read up on current business, and then say they had not received the information about it. These are simple basics of business to stay informed on what is happening. Then they all point fingers at who is to blame. A leader needs to take control and conduct business properly.

    #4) Fiscally responsible. Decisions need to be made that are fiscally responsible and that will be a benefit to as many people as possible in the township. Multiple times monies have been spent without additional bids to get the best price for the money. Monies have been spent and just wasted at times. This is taxpayers' money. It needs to be spent and watched as if we are spending our own money, not just a fund with monies to spend.

    #5) Maintaining a safe community for all residents. Updating zoning codes and resolutions to meet the current needs of our residents and to keep our community safe for all. In addition, maintaining our great township parks that we have and installing sidewalks in areas of the township where they are needed now and make sense, to protect the safety of our residents.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and once again I am asking for your support and your vote on election day November 2, 2021, so that we can continue, together to make our township, Symmes Township a great place to live and enjoy.
    Paid for by: Carr for Trustee, PO Box 54, Loveland, Ohio 45140
    Branden Carr, Treasurer