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ELECT   C.J. Carr

            Symmes Trustee


Speak Out on this issue ... Public Hearing: July 7, 2020 @ 7pm ... Symmes Township Safety Center.

This affects all neighborhoods ... Symmes Township trustees will be voting on July 7, 2020 to approve changes to the Symmes township Land Use plan. The land use plan is a roadmap of our future zoning of properties in Symmes Township One of multiple changes being voted on is future use to property in the middle of a neighborhood. To change the Loveland Castle property use from ' Single family residential to Scenic River Commercial

  • There are NO current regulations or zoning for this kind of use
  • A new Zoning code would need to be written in the future for this use
  • The new code could include anything (retail, food, Bars, canoe livery, etc.)
  • This would destroy a quiet neighborhood and could destroy other neighborhoods in the future. : This would promote "Spot Zoning" in Symmes township neighborhoods
  • lt Could be done in any neighborhood in the future if started now
  • lt will cause more traffic, more noise, more unsafe conditions on our neighborhood streets and adversely affect our way of life.

Symmes township officials and trustees need to do their job and enforce current zoning regulations, not change uses of these properties. That's why we have zoning and regulations, to PROTECT our neighborhoods and our community.

CALL and lor E-MAIL our Symmes township trustees,

Tell them: "NO commercial zoning in the middle of our neighborhoods"

KEEP the current use plan on the map, SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL for this property.

"NO on the proposed Scenic River Commercial use"

Contact eMail Phone
Phil Beck, Trustee (513) 535-3885
Ken Bryant, Trustee (513) 489-1886
Jodi Leis, Trustee (513) 677-8411
Kimberly A. Lapensee, Administrator klapensee (513) 583-6644

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    Hello, my name is CJ Carr and I would like to take a couple minutes of your time to introduce myself, and inform you of my views, and how I would serve the residents of Symmes township if elected. To start off ...
      • I grew up and have always lived in the Loveland/ Symmes township area

      • I was a cub scout and boy scout and obtained the rank of Eagle scout, I moved on to be a cub scout leader and a boy scout leader, and I continue to work with boy scouts on service projects.
      • I started, and have been running a small home building , remodeling company in the area for the last 30 years.
      • I received the Montgomery - Blue Ash - Symmes Township Rotary Club Entrepreneur Award in 2006. • I am an active member and currently Vice President of the Symmes Township Historical Society.
       • I have worked with numerous township trustees, administrators, and personal on issues in the township over the years, to address issues and concerns and have a good understanding of how the township works.
    Now, what would I do if I was elected ...

    # 1 Communication--The residents need to know what is going on in our township prior to it happening. The trustees say they are doing all they can “ Facebook, township website, and contacting homeowner Associations, Newsletter”. This is not working. Additional measures need to be taken to allow residents to be aware of issues, and activities. The township website is very hard to use, confusing, and not user friendly.

    #2 I will work FOR THE RESIDENTS of Symmes Township. When it comes to a county issue” water rates, sheriff department, fire and ems” Trustees seem to vote in their best interests. When Water rates thru Cincinnati water works came up for a vote to continue a court injunction to stop rate increase, Phil Beck abstained from voting on the issue. He also abstained from voting to appoint Jodi leis as the township representative with the administrator Kim.When the Property maintenance code was in the works, trustees tried to throw all the cases to housing court so they would not be bothered by the complaints.

    #3 Run township business like a business. Too many meetings are run “out of control”. People raising their voices, over talking each other, pointing fingers, and passing blame on each other. There needs to be order in meetings to conduct business. No one even the current board president seems to be able to control the meetings at times. In numerous meetings, the trustees seem lost on why money need to be encumbered for projects, why and what is a purchase order. These are simple basics of business. Then they all point fingers at who is to blame. A leader needs to take control of business.

    #4 Fiscally responsible. According to Phil’s website he helped to lower levy rates, and bond costs. But nowhere does it talk about the upcoming levy’s for the 2020 ballot. (prob in march election) The road levy is up for renewal, 2 levy’s have passed in the last year, or have been added by the trustees, (the road levy of November 2018, and the $5 license plate tax added in 2017 July) The safety levies ( 2) are up for renewal, and most likely additional by a large amount also in 2020. Just because they take money from other accounts to cover expenses doesn’t mean they are spending in budget. They are overspending, and legally moving monies from one account to another to cover it. To make it seem as in budget.

    #5 The property maintenance code is “Dead” according to the trustees. Phil Beck was the big push to start this 5 years ago. We have wasted much time and money to get nowhere. As it has been said many times throughout the process this was not the right way to go. The zoning code, and or ordinances just need to be changed to make better codes for our township.Now Phil is on board according to his “future goals” section of his website. The final proposed revision 9 rev even through all offenses to Hamilton county housing court so the trustees would not have to be bothered by any complaints.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and once again I am asking for your support on election day November 5, 2019, so that we can continue, together to make our township, Symmes Township a great place to live and enjoy.